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“As a journalist, I often cringe when I read books with a reporter as a main character because they often don’t represent a true depiction of how we operate. And, I tend to avoid them. That is not the case with John Schlarbaum’s ABANDONED. I identify with Jennifer Malone and would love to be in her shoes, covering the stories in John’s book. It’s a page turner and a great read.”

~ Veronique Perrier Mandal, Author & Journalism Professor


“John Schlarbaum’s newest mystery novel, ABANDONED, features the triumphant return of the reporter Jennifer Malone character and the book doesn’t disappoint. Featuring nicely-woven together subplots, ABANDONED takes the reader through the lives of a number of compelling characters and keeps the reader interested until the very end. And yes, it is well worth it to read to the very end, even after the mystery is solved. When you read the book, you’ll know why!”

~ Ron Giofu, Editor – The River Town Times, Amherstburg, ON


“Welcome back Jennifer Malone! It’s been too long. ABANDONED is a page-turning mix of organized crime, investigative journalism and the importance of listening to a frightened woman’s warning. I won’t think any hospital case is routine again.”

Annette Hamm, CHCH TV, Hamilton, ON


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