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I’m honoured to have been asked to be a guest speaker at this exciting workshop. I’ll be discussing my career as a Private Investigator, and how real-life experiences have influenced my writing as a mystery novelist. I’ll also be detailing tips on how to write your own mystery novel!

To register for this one day workshop, please click on this link:

Here is a list of the other topics that will be covered at this event:

“Write What You Observe, A Workshop On Observation And Perspective For Writers”

Join us for our first adult workshop of the season taking place at Sho Art Spirit and Performance. The workshop takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and covers a variety of worthwhile topics taught by professionals in the industry.

The morning starts off with Security Agent Hunter Kersey, and Literary Agent Cyle Young, discussing skills of observation and how to make use of them. They will also cover describing types of weapons.

And then after lunch, Cyle Young will instruct on the use of deep third person perspective in writing and local mystery Author John Schlarbaum will finish the day off by discussing his experience as a private eye and an author.