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Music Virgins No More · Podcast​

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This podcast is based on co-host John Schlarbaum’s pre-pubescent memories of the Top 40 between 1979 – 1982 when he created 106 weekly music charts alone in his bedroom in Southwestern Ontario.

Each podcast will dive deep into these charts and discuss the music that has become the soundtrack to John’s life, as well as others about to enter high school in 1980!

The name of the podcast – Music Virgins No More – has a double meaning: First, it refers to John’s personal journey as a young record collector starting in the late 1970s and into the early 1980s. And second, to co-host Jason Cabanaw’s present-day journey as he discovers, sometimes for the first time, music and bands he was totally unaware of before now.

Through weekly song analysis and group profiles, their goal is to entertain and educate all music lovers, but especially those who lived through the early 80s scene in Canada.