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How to Get There From Here

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How To Get There From Here – A Novel Way To A Happier Life is an entertaining collection of personal growth advice to incorporate into the life you desire and deserve!


How To Get There From Here combines worldly wisdom using Private Investigator Steve Cassidy’s quotes with the time-tested guidance of therapist Rick Saruna, who has motivated clients for over 25 years. Rick’s book, Thought Shifting, has become the foundation for those seeking a better, more positive way of living.

Rick is a counselor and psychotherapist that has worked with thousands of clients, including the Ford Motor Company, professional athletes, and sports teams. He is considered to be one of the country’s top anxiety/stress experts and maintains an ongoing practice specializing in emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, fears, negativity, trauma, PTSD, and other emotional issues.

For over a decade, author John Schlarbaum’s fictional character Steve Cassidy has given readers his view of life’s ups and downs. He’s a former police officer with a turbulent love life and has experienced first-hand the good, the bad, and the ugly of human emotions. Yet with every new psychological challenge, Cassidy learns from past mistakes and keeps moving forward toward a happier future!

“Congratulations on executing this awesome and unique concept for a new book. The content is really thought-provoking and I think it would appeal to many that are looking for inspiration and life advice!”

~ Vesna Bailey, Bestselling Author – Notes To My Daughter


“It’s a fun little twist on Steve Cassidy’s character interpreted by a therapist. There are some nice nuggets of knowledge, the photos are fun and it’s a quick easy read. Well done!”

~ Tina Bezaire, Lasalle, ON.


“Your book is very cool and I love the premise. It’s a really fun concept. Who knew Steve Cassidy was so wise? I like the background pictures and Rick’s advice – definitely applicable to everyone’s life. Similar to Life’s Little Instruction Book from the 1990’s!”

~ Jennifer Laugher, Niagara Falls, ON.


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