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Death doesn’t take a vacation.

Payback’s a bitch . . . in a blue and white dress

On a cool October morning, viewers are transfixed to their televisions for details of a gangland-style murder carried out during the live broadcast of The Nation Today. Upon identifying the dead man as Robert Barker, CEO of the country’s largest    pharmaceutical company, police quickly discover clues indicating the killer is none other than his wife, Lynn.

As authorities attempt to locate Mrs. Barker, intrepid newspaper reporter Jennifer Malone uncovers information the shooting is possibly related to a new memory wonder drug. Yet the harder she digs, the more twists and turns she unearths. Had Robert found out about Lynn’s affair with the presidential candidate – a show guest that fateful morning? Or was it business related, as the candidate is the powerful Chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee that oversees the drug industry?

A Memorable Murder is a story of greed, revenge, political cover-up, and a country’s insatiable appetite for tabloid-worthy news stories.

A Mystery Worth Remembering

Former P.I. releases third mystery


For Immediate Release
October 24, 2011 – Windsor, ON

After two successful novels featuring the flawed, yet likable P.I. Steve Cassidy, Canadian author John Schlarbaum switches sides to write from a female perspective. With the release of A Memorable Murder readers get a chance to meet intrepid investigative reporter Jennifer Malone.

“I don’t know why I have such a fascination with female newspaper reporters, especially having worked in the television field for many years,” Schlarbaum, a former private investigator, states. “Yet in both Barry Jones’ Cold Dinner and When Angels Fail To Fly, Steve Cassidy is only able to solve his cold case files with the help of two very different reporters. Jennifer Malone is the first to get her own book and storyline. I am hoping the third time’s the charm.”
A satisfying mix of political and medical intrigue compels the storyline forward from when Lynn Barker awakens in a motel room to learn she is suspected of killing her husband. To complicate matters further, Robert Barker’s death occurs during a live morning TV segment featuring a presidential candidate. Could there be a deadly connection between Barker’s pharmaceutical company’s need for approval of a revolutionary memory drug from the candidate’s Senate committee? Or is there a more personal connection between the men?

“The initial idea was ‘What if you woke up with no memory—which is frightening enough—only to discover you might have killed someone?’” Schlarbaum recalls. “The first chapter conveys that terrifying scenario through Lynn’s eyes and also sets up the bigger storyline dealing with dirty politics, industrial espionage and personal revenge.”
Like his previously featured investigator, Jennifer Malone is an exceptionally strong-willed, quick-witted individual who does not suffer fools or co-workers lightly. A single 30-something who has worked her way to the top, she thrives on her reporter instincts to get the story right the first time.

“I believe readers will like Jennifer a lot. She is a fresh new character who is smart, at times quite sly, and most of all very funny. Who knows—maybe one day she’ll team up with Steve Cassidy for a case.”

“This is a murder mystery of immense talent.”

– Marty Gervais, Bestselling author of The Rumrunners


“Schlarbaum has succeeded in making this book one of the best murder mysteries to come along by a local author.”

~ Biz X Magazine


“A diabolical plot, well drawn characters and written in a quick and quick witted narrative.”

– Bob Steele – CBC Radio


“Naivety, lust, greed and evil are all mixed in this mystery … A sordid tale that jumps from the pages.”

– Kathy Rumleski, London Free Press


“Schlarbaum has crafted a richly layered mystery with lots of unexpected twists and turns.”

– Annette Hamm, anchor and ex-crime reporter, CHCH TV


“Don’t be fooled by author Schlarbaum’s light approach to murder, infidelity, treachery and politics. ‘A Memorable Murder’ is a cleverly plotted thriller that focuses upon corruption in the drug industry amid the cynicism of political life. This novel is fast-paced, fun to read, and insightful.”

– Alice Shane, Author of “Bad Dad”


“A damn fine read.”

– Ian Hamilton, author of The Water Rat of Wanchai


“A Memorable Murder is just that – memorable and compelling until the very last word. Readers can expect to be kept on the edge of their seats.”

– Marie Jeannette, Mimetic Entertainment


“The characters are a perfect marriage of dark humour, and likability making this a pleasure to read”.

– Alan Coombs, Astral Radio – CJBK London


“A fast-paced medical/political thriller. The characters ring true. They are smart, witty, funny and sexy.”

– Stephen Gaspar, author of To Know Evil


“Greetings Mr. Schlarbaum! l am a fan, a new fan. I’ve just finished reading “A Memorable Murder”. I quite liked your characters and how you fleshed them out. I was hooked from the get-go. You are now one of my favourite authors. Books make up a big portion of my quality of life (I am physically challenged, with a mean-spirited neuro-muscular dystrophy disorder) and I thank you for providing me enjoyment. I wish you nothing but success.”

~ P. Crocker, London, Ontario