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The Groom Wore Red

The Groom Wore Red cover


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The Groom Wore Red


Two former rival families – the Smiths and Browns – gather for the wedding of Nick Smith and a very pregnant Emily Brown. However, when the groom-to-be doesn’t show for the ceremony it reignites a decades-old bitter feud.

As accusations and fists begin to fly, the Chief of Police arrives to inform everyone Nick was found dead in his pickup truck and a murder investigation has commenced.

Invited guests Private Investigator Steve Cassidy and girlfriend, Dawn, are shocked by this small town crime. They are reluctant to get involved, until the bride-to-be asks for them to help find the killer.

Not all villagers welcome this investigation, especially a few local officers who don’t appreciate big city folk telling them how to do their job. Also, members of both wedding parties seem hesitant to provide details of a note luring Nick first to the beach, and then to his death.

With the clock ticking down on their romantic getaway, Steve and Dawn join forces again to uncover a murderer in a historic town that is very good at keeping deadly secrets.

“I loved it! This wedding is unlike any you’ve attended before!”
~ Annette Hamm, Morning Live CHCH TV

“I really enjoy John Schlarbaum’s style of writing, always weaving strong dialogue with an intriguing storyline. He portrays a great dynamic between the lead Steve Cassidy and his partner Dawn, with plenty of humour. That his story takes place in nearby Amherstburg was a bonus for me.” ~ Author Dale Moore

“Loved it! Loved that I could picture where you were at all times.”
~ Sarah Beaudoin-Van Grinsven, Amherstburg, ON

“Loved it! A fantastic book. I read it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down!” ~ Laura Arigan, Windsor, ON

“It’s a very fun book. I enjoyed all the local references and the people in Amherstburg will too. John, you’re very good at what you do!”
– Tina Bezaire, Lasalle, ON

“We do a lot of reading while at the trailer, including John Schlarbaum’s latest. Having read the previous ‘Steve Cassidy’ mysteries, it is interesting to see how the character has matured over the series, both as an investigator and as a partner. And residents of Amherstburg will enjoy all the references to local sites. A great read!”
~ Bill Kigar

“It was funny and witty. I got to a point in the book where I couldn’t stop reading. I had to know ‘whodunit’. Great book!”
~ Milina, Emeryville, ON

“I enjoyed this book very much due to the small town appeal and the never-ending mind of a investigator. I have a friend who was once a cop, and he and Steve could be twins, with their uncanny ability to interpret situations of its good or bad, and viewpoint of any given story, which is usually correct.”
~ Tim O’Brien

“It is a really great story! I love that it takes place in historic Amherstburg! I can’t wait to see what Steve and Dawn get mixed up in next. Keep Writing!”
~ Denise Hasson, Windsor, ON

“I enjoyed every page! It was so refreshing to read a book that wasn’t filled with foul language, torrid sex scenes and murder so violent you couldn’t sleep at night. I’m looking forward to reading another Steve Cassidy Mystery.”
~ Dawn St. Pierre, Windsor, Ontario

“John Schlarbaum is a local author in Amherstburg. I recently attended a book signing event at River Bookshop in Amherstburg. I thoroughly enjoyed his book called, “The Groom Wore Red” – a murder mystery that takes place in Visit Amherstburg. I highly recommend this book. It is easy and fun to read. The author takes you through Amherstburg and names places and streets that are familiar to anyone who knows Amherstburg.” ~ Penny Lovell, Amherstburg, ON