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Aging Gracefully Together

Aging Gracefully Together cover

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Aging Gracefully Together is an inspirational and uplifting journey of two people destined to be life-long soulmates. From the time of their engagement through to their golden years, share in this devoted couple’s hopes, dreams, joys, heartaches, and most importantly, love for one another.

Aging Gracefully Together tells the heartwarming story of Henry and Tina Cole – two strong-minded individuals whose partnership thrives and survives many life-altering experiences over a 50 year period. Told through the eyes and viewpoints of both Henry and Tina, together the Coles confront life’s many trials and triumphs, which couples readily accept after taking their vows and stating “I Do”.

From courtship through to a final challenge that every loved one must bear alone, Aging Gracefully Together, with its blend of humour and insight, will touch an emotional cord with readers of every generation.

Aging Gracefully Together – A Story Of Love And Marriage is an intimate autobiographical account of one couple’s undying love from the time of their engagement through their fifty years of domestic partnership. Captivating readers from first page to last, the story of Henry and Tina Cole’s hopes, dreams, joys, heartaches, struggles and triumphs is an inspiring story of love and marriage. Aging Gracefully Together showcases a thoughtful and caring relationship and is very highly recommended reading – especially for those who are themselves about to embark upon a lifetime matrimonial journey together.”  ~ Midwest Book Review